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Cookie control

Most browsers allow you to control cookies through their configuration preferences.

In the following links you will find all the information to configure or disable cookies in each browser:

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Privacy policy while using the online wizard.

  1. We do not collect or store personal data or information that is entered in the online wizard* form by website users**.
  2. We do not back up documents that are generated in the online wizard by website users.
  3. We save the data from the online wizard form to a PDF file, the PDF file is directly saved to the website user's computer disk.
  4. The data entered in the online wizard form is deleted when you close the browser tab with this form.
  5. The use of the online wizard is free of charge.
  6. *Online wizard - a software that allows you to write your CV and cover letter in PDF format using the form.
    **Website user - a person who uses the online wizard to write a CV or cover letter.