German CV and cover letter wizard online - free software for writing CV and cover letter.

Are you looking for a job in Germany, Austria or Switzerland and do you need an effective online tool to prepare an attractive and professional CV? You are in the right place, use our application. It will take you a few minutes to write your CV.
Just choose a CV template, with one click go to the online wizard to start creating a document. The CV writing programme is easy / intuitive to use. Once you have finished creating your CV, you can download a PDF document with a single click on your PC.

For each CV template we have prepared a cover letter, both documents are stylistically consistent. Both documents are generated in PDF format.

Why is it worth using the document wizard online?

  1. It is a very convenient tool for anyone looking for a job.
  2. The programme works online in a web browser, you do not need to download any additional software.
  3. The wizard is available from any place in the world, you only need to have Internet access.
  4. You can prepare your CV on your PC or tablet.
  5. The transmitted data is secure as we use an HTTPS connection (encrypted connection).
  6. Additional security - we do not save and store documents of people using the CV wizard and cover letters.
  7. Immediate access, no need to create an account, you can start writing your CV immediately.
  8. After filling in the photo addition form, you can download your CV in PDF format with one click.


The CV Wizard is a modern and readable document template.

Free CV Creator is based on clear and tested templates, thanks to carefully designed templates you will be unique among the other candidates.

The best CV creator online.

In our online CV wizard you can create documents in a classic and modern form. Without logging in. Without registration. In our wizard you can create your application documents in a flash.

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avatar2024-07-21   THX
I recently used the free online German CV maker and I couldn't be happier with the results! The interface was user-friendly and intuitive, making the whole process quick and easy. The templates available are modern and professional, perfectly suited for any industry. I highly recommend this tool to anyone looking to create a polished and impressive German CV without any hassle!
avatar2019-09-02   Alexander
Amazing! Thank you so much!
avatar2019-08-23   Adam
Very easy and intuitive tool for creating PDF format documents. My CV and cover letter now look very good. I appreciate it and thank you.