German CV - New Resume Templates 2024 - Free Download Format Word / Docx (editable - sample).

On page, you will find free CV templates. To write a CV professionally and quickly - to simply pick a pattern and download the example from the website, edit in MS Word program (or Writer - Open Office program) and save as PDF. All CV template you can personalize 100 percent.

free CV german sample example

CV German Example / MS WORD

CV german sample example

Free CV German Template / DOC Format

CV german template Ms Word / docx

CV German Template / WORD - DOC

CV german template Word / docx

Modern CV German Template / MS WORD

CV german word download

CV German Template / DOC / Sample

free CV german sample example

CV German Template / MS WORD


1. Choose a CV / Resume template

Download the DOC template to your computer's drive. Open the document in MS Word and write your application.

2. Edit the content

The Word document has been prepared so that you can quickly and easily change and add content.

3. Submit application

Send your CV to the employer. Documents should be saved in PDF format.

Save time, use free CV / Resume templates.

Use ready to download and to fill in CV Word templates. You save time and money with us. Instead of concentrating your energy on developing the layout of application documents, spend the time needed to improve the content of your documents.

Quick and easy to edit.

The layout of the documents was designed with the use of text fields, these fields clearly organise the document into specific fields and sections. This makes editing, formatting text and adding photos to your CV easy and fast.

Pleasant for the eye.

It is a document that can be easily read, among other things, it is influenced by the appropriate font type and size, as well as the appropriate emphasis on the subsequent paragraphs of the document.

CV / Resume template design standards.

Employers and recruitment specialists appreciate clear, transparent CVs that contain only the most important information that can be reached quickly. Our CV templates have been designed so that every element of the document is clearly visible. The project is only a background for the substantive content of the document. To sum up, the main goal of a good CV design is to give the document a proper layout of content, to highlight the relevant information and to present it effectively.

Creative CV / Resume for a creative position.

If you need a creative and readable CV at the same time, we have prepared the right template for you. Pay attention to the intuitive arrangement of the content. An ideal CV for a candidate who wants to be unique. A creative CV will work well when you apply for a job as a computer graphic designer, designer, specialist in advertising or marketing, etc.

Document form in accordance with German standards.

If you are applying for a job in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, the presented and ready-to-download CV templates are ideal because they are tailored to the German recruitment specialist's standards and expectations.

10 seconds, this is the average time that the recruiters spend on familiarising themselves with a candidate's CV. If possible, limit yourself to one page of the document and write the most relevant information on work experience and skills at the top of the box to make sure the employer does not miss it.

Elements of a modern and professional CV.

Photography in a German CV.

Linkedin administrators admit that the lack of a photo in the professional profile significantly reduces the number of inquiries about professional cooperation. The situation is similar with the lack of a candidate's photo in the CV, the application with the photo is definitely a better chance for the candidate to move to the next stage of recruitment. We know about this correlation and that is why all our CV templates are with a photo. Photography should be of good quality, preferably in a business style (do not add holiday or party photos).

Short profile in a modern CV.

Our CV templates contain a new "short profile" section, this section is more and more often used in German CVs. This section should appear in the CV of candidates who are applying for, among other things, a position of a manager.

Short profile - how to write, tips.

Adapt the short profile to the job offer. Describe the skills and experience that correspond to the most important requirements in the job offer. In this way you will show that you do not send application documents in bulk and that you are interested in this particular position.

In a few sentences (3-4 lines of text) show the employer that your career goals are consistent with the company's objectives and that you want to achieve them together. You can use bold font for the most important information and achievements. In this way you will attract the attention of the person reading your CV / Resume. Don't use long, complex and complicated sentences, remember this is a short introduction to the rest of your CV.

Work experience in a German CV.

It is always a good idea to adapt your CV to a specific job offer. An effective and modern CV is all about showing the information relevant to the employer. Focus on the duties that the employer has mentioned in the job offer. On the basis of the list of duties in the advertisement ( according to the truth) list your duties which you have fulfilled during your previous job. Try to find similar phrases. Thanks to this, the person who is recruiting you will have the impression that your previous duties are in accordance with the requirements and expectations.

An example / sample of a list of duties in the CV of a salesman, a list adapted to the job offer:

Scope of duties:
  1. Maintaining excellent relations with clients and business partners.
  2. Effective acquisition of new clients and active sales and consulting.
  3. Negotiating and preparing commercial offers.
  4. Successful implementation of ambitious sales targets.
  5. Taking care of a good image of the company and the highest quality of customer service.
  6. Scrupulous market analysis and competition activities.
  7. Performing out of office duties, business trips.

  1. In the last two years I have gained more than 100 new regular customers.
  2. I achieve quarterly sales targets at the level of 110-150 percent.
  3. I negotiated a 15% discount for delivery of our goods to customers in a shipping company.

I have often looked through candidates' applications, where there was too much information. I had a problem with finding those important ones, there was everything and nothing in those documents at the same time. It should be remembered that the employer is not interested in the candidate's experience and achievements which were gained within a completely different area of professional life, e.g. the baker's professional experience is not useful in an office or at a construction company managerial position.

Remember: all irrelevant information should be removed from your CV. If the job offer does not include a given competence, it is not worth to include it in your CV. All additional information that does not match the job description only distracts the recruiter's attention. As a result, they may discourage the reader from further analysis of the CV.
Professionally prepared CVs are those that do not raise any doubts.

Skills in a German CV.

Examples / sample of skills in a CV of a trader:

  1. Competent and independent work organisation.
  2. Advanced presentation and negotiation skills.
  3. High personal culture and communication skills.
  4. Computer and MS Office skills - intermediate level.
  5. Experienced driver, Category B Driving License.
  6. Proficiency in English - level C1.

German CV / Resume Templates - Creator/Builder Online PDF

You do not have Word installed on your computer, you can prepare your documents (CV and cover letter) using the free CV and cover letter wizard. We have prepared several attractive templates.

Start writing your German CV now

German CV Templates free

German CV Templates free

German CV Templates free

Regardless of the position you are applying for, the most important thing in every CV is the content. That is, your professional experience and skills. Skills that are related to the job you are applying for.

However, it is worth paying attention of the recruiter to our document in the first second. A professional, well-chosen for the position CV template will allow you to be distinguished from other candidates. To present your experience, education and skills in a clear and understandable form, thus making the employer interested in your candidacy.

Remember to download a free CV template for the position you are applying for. In the vast majority of institutions and companies, the most important thing is a clear and understandable form of the document. An overcomplicated, colourful and too creative CV template can do more harm to you than help you get a job.

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