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The website contains basic guidelines to be followed while writing a CV. The suggestions are of general nature and constitute an introduction to preparation of CV. The webpage provides a few resume samples which will make you understand better the whole structure of a resume. When sending your CV by e-mail, make sure that the document is saved in .pdf format or, alternatively, .doc(WORD) in order to make it easy for a potential employer to read it. Do not use any „weird” fonts. One type is enough, e.g. Arial or Times New Roman. If you want to highlight something, type the part of the text in bold or use italics. Keep in mind that simplicity and clarity are the absolute key to a professional Curriculum Vitae.

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Important - When We will writing Resume

1. A document must readable from top to bottom.

The employer sees the document for a few seconds, so Your a Resume must be attractive and transparent, otherwise the CV will be rejected.

2. Anti-chronological construction.

A CV written in the reverse chronological order.

4. No more than two or three pages.

The Curriculum Vitae should be limited to a maximum of two or three pages.